I will be back!


I don’t know if I have any readers left at this point, but I thought I’d explain why I am not active here anymore. I will come back soon tho, at least I hope I will.

I have been very busy lately. With what you may ask. With stuff, let’s just leave with that, it’s complicated and I just don’t feel like sharing with the entire world. My energy level is also very low lately so it’s not used on my blog. I hope to be back very soon tho, so just stay tuned!

Rhinestones and Ice creams!

I don’t know if I have any readers left, but I thought I’d put up a quick blog post. I still haven’t got any internet at my house so I am still not able to blog as regularly as I’d like
Anyway, here’s a couple of nail designs for you to look at!

Lets start with some blingy nails! I made this a while ago, using IsaDora Tip White as a base. I am a big fan of rhinestones and I really like to make nail art with them. I am super satisfyed with how this design turned out, so sparkly, stylish and pretty! The rhinestones actually stayed on for a whole week, talk about a good top coat, Seche Vite really is awesome!



Anyone up for ice cream? Of course you are, who doesn’t love ice cream?
I am not a great drawer, it’s never been my strong suit, but these actually turned out pretty nice. The one on my thumb turned out a bit different from the others but oh well. I used a lot of different polishes to make this, just ask if you want to know any names.


So this was it for now, I hope to be back very soon!!

Recent nail art by me!

Hello everyone!
Long time since I’ve blogged, I know. I have been way to busy and emotionally occupied, and it’s been way to hot to even think about it. Plus our internet has been gone for almoast a month and I just can’t blog on my phone. I do have internet when I’m at my moms place but I can’t concentrate if I’m not sitting in a quiet room.

I can show you some nail art I’ve done these past month (July), I’m having a lot of fun doing nail art lately!
This is posted from my Ipad so I apologize for the messyness of this post. I’ll adjust it when I can, in the meantime, just enjoy the pictures!
(The rose design was made in early june but forgotten until july and posted them )











Look at me, I’m hopelessly devoted! Nail art


I am starting to feel a bit better, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal very soon. I am not sure if I will continue blogging very much though, it’s not as fun as it used to be, and I get veery little traffic on here, so maybe I’ll just stick with instagram, well, I’ll just have to see.

I have some bright nail art for you today, I made this a while back. I’ve made a similar design like this once before, but this time I wanted to use some brighter colors. I used Glam Polish – Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee as base, then I made french tips and painted the bows with Glam Polish – Hopelessly Devoted. The light purple dots are made using piCture pOlish – Wisteria. I really like how this came out, this is a design I love to make. Look how bright and cool it looks, and under a blacklight it’s freakin awesome!

Glam Polish Hopelessly Devoted Glam Polish Rydell High Glam Polish Rydell High Glam Polish Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee

Neon sugar spun manicure!


I know it’s been a while since my last post, but it has it’s reasons. I’ve just been through an eye surgery, so I am not quite up for doing my nails or blogging much just yet. But I have some nail art to show you today. Can’t say for sure when my next post will be up, but enjoy this colorful nail art in the meantime.

I was inspired by my very good friend Narmai to make this neon sugar spun manicure. It was my first time trying this so it came out a bit weird, but still very bright, fun and cool! I had so much fun making this, it’s super easy too! I will deffenetly try this again soon! I really liked having this on my nails, so fancy!

Colors used:OPI – Black OnyxEssie – Matte About YoupiCture pOlish – Hot LipspiCture pOlish – Lime LitepiCture pOlish – WisteriaChina Glaze – Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

picture polish lime lite picture polish wisteria Picture Polish Hot Lipspicture polish sugar spun